“Talented and charming leader,
clever and temperamental musician…”

Rodion Shedrin, composer

Vladislav Bulakhov graduated from the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music as a violinist in 1984. Since 1983, for almost ten years he had worked at the reestablishing New Moscow Chamber Orchestra headed by Igor Zhukov. The experience acquired during that period of his life in ochestra added to the intensive studies with his father, a professional conductor, formed the foundation for the creation of “The Seasons” Chamber Orchestra. Bulakhov considers that the performance at the First International Festival of Classical Guitar in November, 1994 was the beginning of his conductor’s career. Wide concert’s activity during the next year in the best Moscow halls and following successful tours in Germany showed clearly that new bright and original figure of young conductor appeared in Moscow musical life.

Mr. Bulakhov’s artistic manner is characterized by convincing, presice and rhythmically clear gestures, a natural temperament and the ability to bring out each individual voice in the musical score. His intimate knowledge of string instruments enables him to achieve an extraordinary variety of orchestral tone colours with expressive articulation and a seemingly endless range of dynamic gradations. The conductor’s careful consideration of the composer’s score and his attention to details are displayed in unity with the confident perception of the architectonics of the musical whole. All of these factors combined with uncommon manager’s skills determined a success ot the orchestra, which conquered a popularity among the listeners to classical music in Russia and over the world.

In 2004 Bulakhov became Honoured Artist of Russia.

Today Vladislav Bulakhov, as the principal conductor of “The Seasons” Orchestra, is capable of interpreting works of various musical eras and styles with equal mastership. He posseses the ability to learn new compositions quickly and proficiently, has a talent for management and the capacity to work hard, all of which promise an interesting and creative future for this musician.